Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Help Me Decide

Confessions of an online class junkie.  Hi, my name is Cheri and I'm addicted to online classes.  Right now I am enrolled in:

1. One Little Word - a year long class at BPC with Ali Edwards exploring my word for the year - "Happy". I have been keeping up with the prompts each month and LOVING how this class keeps my word in front of me all the time.
2. Picture Inspiration - another year long class at BPC with Tracey Clark - with a weekly photographic prompt. Admittedly a little behind again.
3. Project 64 - a weekly challenge blog, choosing one crayon color a week as a photo prompt.  Happy to report I am up to date with this challenge! :)
4. Finding Photo Freedom - at BPC with Stacy Julian. This class runs June 1st to August 10th and I'm enrolled as an alumni, so I already "know" the system. I had really hoped to get digi under control this year, but with the computer virus, loss of my ACDSee program and all my tagging done in May, and having to purchase and learn Adobe Light Room, well, I'm hopelessly behind and won't even be attempting to "catch up" with the class - I'll be doing this on my own as time permits.
5. The Mother Load - at BPC with Lain Ehmann. This class runs June 29th to September 28th and culminates with a layout a day challenge for the month of September. Right now I'm completely on track and the hard work doesn't begin until September 1st.

Here's my problem.... Right now there are three classes out there that I'm totally drooling over and would LOVE to take! So much goodness... but all three run in the same time frame... and money IS an issue.  The contenders are:

1. Advanced Portrait Editing - at JessicaSprague.com. This class will run for two weeks - July 18th to 31st.  The regular cost is $40 and it is on sale for $32.00 for this first run of the class.  Pretty much everything I know about scrapbooking in Photoshop Elements and post-processing of photos, I have learned through Jessica Sprague classes and they never disappoint! One of my weakest areas with post-processing is portraits. Which probably explains why I still haven't processed prom pictures! So I would definitely view this one as a skill builder and filling a gap for me.

2. Creative Color - with Christy Tomlinson at Scarlet Lime. This is a one week class running July 25 - July 29 at a cost of $19.95.  Having taken both She Art  and Three Hearts with Christy, I know that her classes have TONS of videos and material and are worth every penny! Christy's classes gave me the foundation for my Art Journaling which is really like therapy for me. I'm certain this class would build on that foundation and would be so much FUN!  Cause let's face it, color and art journaling just make me happy!.

3. Explore - this is Shimelle's newest class. Four weeks running July 18 - August 12 at a cost of $16.00.  I don't really need another mini-album with stuff about myself (I have plenty of them... remember Reverb 10 and iScrap?).  But, hey, this is a SHIMELLE class and who can resist?

And just to complicate things - Ali Edwards is running her annual Week in the Life challenge the week of July 25th to 31st. I haven't decided if I'm up for it this year... and am considering saving it for September when I'm doing the LOAD challenge in Lain's class. But it's there and I wouldn't want to leave it out of the mix!

So... can you help me decide??? Which of these classes do you think I should sign up for? Are you planning to take any of them?  Which one(s) would be most beneficial at this time?  I'm so torn... I want to sign up for all of them, but I know I can't!


scrappyjacky said...

I don't think I'm going to help much....but......Shimelle is not voluntary,Cheri.....You must sign up...I have....even though I'm on holiday for part of it!!!
Christy's class is bound to be inspiring as well....and it's only a week....and could be done any time in the next 3 months once you've signed up....I'm very tempted by it....and the 2 together cost about the same as the Jessica Sprague one...2 classes for the price of one!!!!!
I hope to see you in the forum at Shimelle's!!!!

quiltingfool said...

I think the decision should be based on what you know will give you the most pleasure, but after thinking about whether signing up for more classes will add to your stress level because you're taking on too much again.

So if taking the classes keeps you happy and focused, then take what ones you want. If taking too many classes (and you already are) makes you feel as though you have obligations you're not living up to, then scale back for awhile. But then you already knew that, right?

helena said...

I think the giveaway word is that only one of the possible new ones is described as FUN - it also seems the most different from your current set so I'd suggest the colour creativity for fun and contrast

debs14 said...

I can't help you at all here, they all sound good! I'm toying with the Shimelle one although I will be away for 10 days of it. But then I wonder if I ought to try someone else's classes for a change. Decisions, decisions ...

Anonymous said...

I would say go with the one that will give you most pleasure! From how you have written about each class it seems to me that you would get the most from the Creative Color one.

Goesturbo said...

LOL, I"m signed up for all the classes you listed above (except project 64, but let me tell you, I'm intrigued now!).

I'm also doing a class at CLickin' Moms and ALMOST signed up for another one. Uggh. Not enough hours in the day and way too many fabulous classes out there!

Happy deciding and may time stop for both of us so we can thoroughly enjoy the classes we are lovingly signed up for!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be away for most of Shimelle's class so I'm passing this time. I've never taken one of Christy's classes, but I hear nothing but good things. I've never been disappointed with a class at Jessica Sprague, either. So I'm not much help.

I'm about classed out right now. Still behind in Picture Inspiration, but determined to get caught up!

Melissa said...

Oh my, such wonderful classes you are already taking and great ones to choose from. I'm taking the Mother LOAD and am right on track so far too. Finding Photo Freedom is, of course, keeping me busy with just coaching stuff, although I have worked a little on my own system. I really want to take Shimelle's class, so that's my suggestion. They are always such a great deal & you get so much for the money. I haven't committed yet and I'm still thinking about Week in the Life - I've never done it, but this year it starts on my birthday and I thought it would be fun to do.

Ginger said...

Oh Boy! Tough decision :) You seemed most excited in your description of Christy's class, and I must say that one looks like fun and I'm considering it myself! I'm also booked in for Shimelle's, I just love how much she packs into her classes. I would like to do Ali's week in the life, but my parents are up that week, and then I'm on vacation for a few more weeks after, so not sure when I will fit it in. There are two short classes at BPC that I would like to take as well and I just signed up for their free Big Festival. I resisted Mother Load and may regret it, I'll look forward to seeing what you post. Good luck deciding!!

WendyB said...

Well they all sound very good but I'm with the others and suggest you go with the one you yourself describe as FUN. Whatever you decide I hope you enjoy it.

MonicaB said...

This is a very hard choice. I do love Jessica and Shimelle. I've never taken a class at Scarlet Lime. I think what ever you pick you will be very happy with, as for me I think I would do the editing class because I need help with that.

Cheryl said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one hopelessly behind in Stacy's class. I'm thinking this is one that I'm not going to really get to tackle until well after it's over. Sigh. Anyway, you're faced with a touch decision, indeed! I'm such a huge Shimelle fan, but based on how you've written about the three, it sounds like you'd get the most enjoyment out of Creative Color, so that's my vote.

Sian said...

Hi Cheri, I'm catching up today after being away, and of course I'm too late to vote. but I had an interesting read of all your selections. I see lots of us have signed up for Shimelle's new class. I didn't because the time wasn't right, but I have plumped for a Big Picture journaling class next month. Happy class-ing!