Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chocolate Tasting - Coming Full Circle

The chocolate has finally been fully consumed.  Well.... at least to the extent that I intend to consume it! There are a few bars with quite a bit left. Some will eventually make it to the trash bin, but it is up for grabs if my kids want it. If you want the full back story, you can read more about my chocolate tasting here, here, and here.  I finished out my chocolate adventure through Europe with these three:

#7.  Wales:

Although claiming to be  about 54% cacao, the Wales bar was bitter and chalky.  No sweetness or creaminess at all.  In fact, it tasted a bit like baking chocolate.  Definitely not my cup of tea, Wales gets a 5.

# 8.  Rome:

The label on this one says "extra bitter chocolate."  But it is 50% cacao and actually among the sweeter ones of the dark chocolates Sarah brought home.  Okay melt/creaminess. Good taste.  I gave this one an 8/10.  I didn't share either!

#9. Paris:

As the final contender for my affections, I tried this one from Paris.  The most expensive bar Sarah bought, possibly because she picked it up at the EuroStar Terminal when exiting Paris (she nearly forgot) or possibly because it really deserved to be the most expensive.  This one claims 61% cacao.  The taste was perfect - not too bitter, not too sweet. And it was the only bar from Europe that actually tried to melt in my mouth! It was creamy, not as creamy as Dove, but a close second.  I gave this bar a 9/10 and relished every last square.  Which means for my personal taste, of all the European chocolates I tried, the ridiculously expensive chocolate from Paris wins.

But in my heart, none of those fancy expensive European chocolates beats this:
Oh yeah, I'm a Dove Promises girl all the way.


scrappyjacky said...

Still....a fun way to find that out!!!!

MonicaB said...

Dove is amazing, but what a fun experiment!