Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Picture The Holidays

I am now to the point where I am confusing Picture the Holidays prompts and JYC prompts. But that's okay! Most of this will eventually end up in my JYC album - assuming I ever get around to creating actual pages!

Day 4 of Picture the Holidays asked for the "Keys to Happiness" - what is it that keeps you grounded or is key to your happiness during the Christmas Season? Day 16 of JYC asks what am I grateful for today? 

One of my Keys to Happiness is having my whole family gathered around me. It's a big part of the season.  So today I am grateful that Sarah is home from college. Even if it means that all her STUFF (of which this represents less than 1/3) is home too.  I'll be even more grateful when her stuff finds a home other than my scrap room! But this is where it got dumped last night.
The Day 14 Picture the Holidays prompt was Holiday Mail (Day 3 JYC).  Here's the last little bit of my Christmas Cards that went postal on the 15th. They are all out now!
And here is a beautiful card that I received in the mail on Tuesday.  My photography doesn't do the colors justice - the girl's coat and jacket are truly Christmas Red (not so orange). Isn't it gorgeous?  One guess who it's from!

This card is now sitting right by my computer where I can admire it everyday.

Day 15 of Picture the Holidays was about gifts - Day 10 of JYC about wrap. Here's my take on the two.  First the "before" shot - the cabinet where I've been hiding things. When fully open, Ashley takes interest. No doubt looking for space to crawl in and curl up.

The "during" shot - everything piled up on the countertop to begin the wrapping process.

The "after" shot with most (not quite all yet) wrapped and returned to the cabinet.  I think it is funny how deceiving this shot is - it just doesn't look like much.

So here is a close-up of the bottom right portion of the cabinet, so you can see the layer of gifts stacked up in the back, behind the ones you can see above. 

I didn't go for any theme or assigned wrap this year - I was really just trying to use up a lot of the leftovers from previous years. I finished off the ends of four rolls!  We still have enough in the Christmas wrap box to wrap for another two or three years I think. But at least with having emptied out some rolls, I won't feel guilty buying more if I catch something really pretty on the after-holiday sales.  These are all traditional red/green bright/cheery. I'd love to give a try at "elegant" next year!


Melissa said...

We're using up Christmas wrap this year too! Loved seeing all your photos, especially the before, during & after wrapping. Those will make a great layout for your Christmas album.

Amy said...

Unbelievable! I have gone bright and cheery this year too - the kids think it is wonderful and my biggest hurdle is finding special 'santa' paper that they have not seen before!

Anonymous said...

Seeing your photos almost makes me wish I would have taken this class...oh well, not long until Picture Winter. I love your photos, Cheri!!

Cheryl said...

You are so on top of things! What great picture ideas for documenting the holidays... things I do every year but never think to take pictures of. Thanks for the inspiration! [And the motivation to get off my butt and catch up. :)]

Sian said...

I love your bright and cheery stack of gifts :)

Aren't her cards amazing? I was lucky enough to get one too and I'm thrilled with it

humel said...

I'm very impressed at how organised you are! I've done most of my cards now, but I have a LOT of wrapping still to do...

And yes, I recognise the card! I have one proudly displayed too :-)

scrappyjacky said...

I've still got ALL my wrapping to do....maybe tomorrow as we are forecast snow!! It's my least favourite xmas activity....and I've a variety of papers....which for some reason I add to each year as well!!
Thank you for your lovely comments on the card...I'm so glad you like it.

Kelly Miller said...

Your wrapping looks great. I keep trying to find the energy to clear out the stockpile beneath my bed and get it all wrapped. I'll be in trouble if either of them ever decides to go snooping!

Also, thank for the holiday card! I'm sending mine out today. You're so on top of things!