Friday, December 3, 2010

Fitness Friday

Tales from the Scale:  176! woo hoo!  My current goal is to let go of another two pounds and hit 174 by Christmas  Then remain firmly on the down-side of 175 during the Holidays. And set new goals for the new year!

Body Wars:  I was so happy to walk into PT today and tell them that I had NO PAIN to report! Being pain-free is so easy to take for granted.  I want to remember how wonderful this moment felt and be grateful every time I notice it. 

I'm now adding "sets" to the little bit of weight training they have me doing and am starting to add a little more time and kick the speed up a tiny bit on the treadmill.  I imagine that I will be discharged in the next few weeks and will have to continue this on my own. I hope I remember how important it is to my well being to stretch every day!  Have you stretched today?


Rachel said...

Congrats! I stepped on the scales last week and was dismayed to see 180.4. My heaviest point yet, including the height of my pregnancy--YIKES!
Thanks for being an inspiration to work on the issue in a healthy manner. Have a lovely weekend. :)

Melissa said...

Congrats on the scale continuing to go down - I was down another two pounds this morning and so excited I let out a WooHoo myself! I include stretching with my strenth training and have done that this morning! (BTW - check out the bottom of my Dec 1 post when you get a chance:

Unknown said...

I love singing at the top of my lungs in the car with the window down on a warm, sunny day! Great "alive" feeling!

Cheri, CONGRATS on your scale and body wins! So proud of you! HUGS!