Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Picture Fall

I haven't been able to get into a groove with Picture Fall. Rather than taking the photos one day at a time, I seem to be taking them in batches.  So here's another group!

Day 11 - "Stripping Down" - This day we were
asked to focus on texture, then strip all the color out of
it to really make the texture pop. This large ceramic
plant pot seemed perfect for the task! In color, it is red!

Day 9 - "What Remains" - my dahlia plant that died during the heat
of the Summer has come back and is trying to bloom again!

Day 8 - "Keeping it Simple" - a study in light.

Day 7 - "After the Fall"

Did you notice that Day 10 was missing?  Yep, I took the perfect photos for it last night... with no memory card in the camera! Ugh!  And those photos were intended for Amy's Let's Eat Blog Hop! So back to the drawing board.  Told you I haven't gotten into my groove with this class!


Sian said...

Oh, no! Without your camers card? Argh. I'm looking forward to your Let's Eat post now..

Love the texture on that top photo too :)

scrappyjacky said...

I'm loving the texture on that first photo as well.
My camera is never without a memory card....but I'm often without the camera!!!

humel said...

Uh oh - horrible feeling when you realise the camera doesn't have its card! The shots you do have are just gorgeous, though :-)