Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Set it Sunday - better late than never

Take a Second Glantz

Last week's goals...

1) Gym three times. Well, I made it twice.  I spent the time for my third visit cleaning my kitchen for 2.5 hours.  It was a workout - I know because my back hurt afterward.  I'm calling it good.

2) Eat REAL food - at least 2 meals/day.  CHECK!  I seem to have this one down.  My downfall is that I'm rewarding myself for eating real food at meals by having desserts.  That has GOT. TO. STOP. 

3) 15 minutes per day sorting/purging image folders for Tues, Weds, & Fri (the days I am not in the office).  yeah, not so much

4) 1 each Gratitude and Art Journal layouts. CHECK!

5) Keep up with Design Your Life Assignments - this one is a matter of interpretation.  I have kept up with viewing all the videos, printing out the handouts, and learning the concepts, but have not done all the layouts.  I'm calling it good for now.

6) Make that dreaded phone call - Tuesday morning - CHECK!

7) Tackle one nagging task- check! I did all the piled up filing of paid bills today (3 months worth). My kitchen desk is clean!!! I also input all of last year's goodwill donations into "It's Deductible" for the taxes. It is a small thing, but a huge step forward in being able to do our taxes and feels great to have it done.
Goals for this week:
1) Gym three times.
2) Continue eating REAL food.  Limit dessert to twice per week.
3) 1 each Gratitude and Art Journal layouts.
4) Sew curtains for living room  (huge long-term nagging task).
5) Keep plugging away at online classes as time allows.

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