Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two Years Ago Today

My kitchen looked like this:

The stove, sink, and fridge were the only functioning items.  No cabinets, no countertops.  And I cooked a traditional Thanksgiving meal for my family in this kitchen! (a drywall scrap placed on top of the non-functioning dishwasher served as my countertop/prep space).

We served our Thanksgiving meal here:

in what used to be our dining room (now it is an office) on our old kitchen table, where we also had the benefits of a microwave oven and toaster - and most of the kitchen cupboard contents stored in boxes under those tables. We ate off paper plates and made do the best we could for being under construction.

Today my kitchen looks like this:

It will be my second year preparing Thanksgiving in this beautiful space.  And it was worth every second of the pain we went through two years ago.  I LOVE my kitchen.  The photo is taken from the sunroom/dining room which is the new space we added during the construction. 

This is where I'll be serving Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Two years ago we could only dream about how much we were going to love this new space in our home.  Today I can't imagine life without it.  At the same time we were under construction, Sarah was busy checking out colleges and trying to decide where to attend.  Had we known at that time how much her tuition was going to be, it is unlikely we would ever have undertaken this project. I'm so glad we didn't know.


Anthea Goodman said...

Oh what a gorgeous kitchen!! I know the joys of being under construction, having done it at least once or twice myself. We've just recently moved into a new house, which needs a new kitchen... but I don't think its going to be done for a while. So until then I shall sit and look at the pictures of your lovely kitchen and do some serious wishing!!

sharyncarlson said...

Simply gorgeous! I would love to cook in a kitchen like that :)

Cheryl said...

Oh my goodness, the picture of your kitchen makes me want to take a sledgehammer to mine! It is absolutely stunning.

A very belated thank you for stopping by my blog last week. I hope you will share pics of your December daily journal!

Jan C. said...

That is an awesome kitchen redo. Our kitchen still has cabinets hardware and a stove from the 70s when it was built. Add some very ugly wallpaper to the mix, and you can imagine why I am envious of your beautiful new space.