Monday, November 30, 2009

Time Flies

whether you are having fun or not.  My last week was a crazy flurry of activity and non-activity.  So much so that I couldn't read OR write blog posts!  I took the entire week off work with the idea that I was going to get oh-so-much accomplished.  And just saying that, you all know how it really went down, right?  Here was my week in a nutshell:

Monday: some quick shopping at Joanne's, Target, and K-Mart.  I did score a 4 piece lamp set for $39 and some new chair pads in the PERFECT shade of green for my craft room.  From there - six hours of driving to pick Sarah up from college.  Six hours that served to only intensify the pain in my back and leg.  Got home and tried to fix the mess that Hair Cuttery had made of Rachel's hair - managed to make it worse. Lots of tears ensued.

Tuesday: 9 a.m. appointment for the Epidural Steroid Injection.  Silly me went in thinking "I'll get this shot and then I'll feel so much better that I'll really be able to knock a bunch of stuff off that to-do list."  HA!  The procedure was incredibly painful and actually made the pain worse for the first day.  Went in with a pain level of 2, came out with a pain level of 6.  Spent the rest of the day laying on the sofa on my right side - the only activity that didn't make me cry.  I did manage to do several loads of the laundry Sarah brought home, and took Rachel to the salon at 3 p.m. Thankfully, they were able to fix her haircut.  I will never take my child to Hair Cuttery ever again!  Tried a couple of times to get on the computer but literally - could. NOT. sit.

Wednesday: last minute grocery shopping, preparations for dinner with family, paid some bills and cleaned up some paperwork, worked on the album I was creating for Jay's birthday - which had to be done in spurts because I still couldn't sit for any length of time.

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!  Once the bird was stuffed and in the oven, I did some quick cleaning and then our guests arrived.  Spent all day cooking and serving. By the time guests left and we had the kitchen cleaned up, all I could do was sit (lay) on the sofa and veg.

Friday: my whole family was up at 5 a.m. for Black Friday shopping.  I stayed in bed.  I did a little cyber shopping and then went out to WalMart at 9 - which was a chaotic waste of time - won't be repeating that move.  Did lots more work on Jay's birthday album.  Went to the doctor to discuss surgery.  Thankfully no, I got a prescription for physical therapy instead. 

Saturday:  Ever notice that your regular chores don't take a vacation just because you do?  Went grocery shopping, worked on laundry, puttered around the house. At the girls' insistence, I took them to Kohls and Lowes for some last minute shopping for Dad's birthday.  We went out to Olive Garden for Jay's birthday dinner, then came home and celebrated Jay's birthday with ice cream cake and presents.  Capped off the night watching The Polar Express together.

Sunday:  Went out to Kohls first thing in the a.m. to pick up some things I had noticed for R & B.  Spent the rest of the day doing laundry and on and off watching Christmas movies or sleeping on the sofa while Jay drove Sarah back to college.  For me it was a super lazy day (although I did get about five loads of laundry done) and I still have a mile long to-do list. Which begins today with calling Grand View Sports Medicine for a physical therapy appointment. 

How about you?  Was your Thanksgiving weekend productive? restful? hectic?


Jan C. said...

Oh Cheri, I sure hope you get going on that physical therapy and get some relief! Honestly, I can't believe you got as much done as you did!

Rachel said...

Blimey, it sounds like you got masses of stuff done. I once used to go somewhere called Hair Cuttery here in the UK, I wouldn't go back to that one either!