Friday, July 10, 2009

Shadow Play

BEFORE Photo - straight out of the camera. This was taken by Rachel (11 at the time) of her own shadow on horseback. You can see a smidge of the real horse in the lower left corner of the photo. She has an eye to take photos of things I just wouldn't ever think of and this one is pretty great straight out of the camera.

AFTER photo. Jessica had us add "textures" - another new term for me - which are essentially jpg files of, well, textures (duh). Three textures were added to this photo - first, an actual Daguerreotype, used to add some depth of color to the photo; second, brown paper bag, which gave the photo a more sepia tone (and if you look close, you can almost see the ripples of the bag texture); third, grungy edge which is just what it sounds like. To finish it off, I added a frame and a bit of "burn" mode from the PSE7 brush tools around the edges inside the frame. The finished result actually reminds me more of the Hawaiian red dirt and definitely evokes a mood. Kind of makes me think of a cave painting?

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