Saturday, July 11, 2009

Flood Photos?

BEFORE: Original Photo - admittedly not the best lighting here, so I did have to correct to get the really dark shadows out of Rachel's eyes when I pulled this into Photoshop.

AFTER: I did light balance correction and also color corrected for skin tone. Then the Jessica Sprague Day 6 tricks. This involves more texture files, the specific ones we were working with today are called "TTV" textures and are supposed to make the photo look like it was taken from a really old camera. So, I desaturated the color, then added a TTV and two other textures and played with the opacity levels.
I have tons of old photos (some that literally survived a flood) that I have spent hours trying to clean up in Photoshop, adding back color and removing specks and noise. So, I'm not sure why anyone would purposely want to MAKE their photo look like it went through a flood - anyone care to help me out here?

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