Monday, June 25, 2018

May Wrap Up

Better late than never, right?

 May was a pretty good month.  I stuck to tracking with Weight Watchers most weekdays... not so much on the weekend because I'm not usually sitting at my computer and I'm just not that great with the app.  I exercised more than usual, even if it wasn't 5 times a week.  I hit my 5000 steps goal 17 out of 31 days.  And I did some decluttering around the house.  Creative time suffered a bit.  But then, there are only so many hours in a day!  So while far from perfect, this is still progress.  And I'm good with it.

 Our May assignment for FIT was to track the "Good" in our day.  Which for me was pretty much the same as my gratitude journal, but I kept it both ways for the month.  And of course, there is always a LOT to be grateful for!
As you can see from my May fitness tracker, I had three days this month where I went over 10,000 steps in a day! That is a LOT for me, so that was exciting.
 One of the highlights of May was a family trip to New York City - one overnight - to see the 911 Museum, the Statue of Liberty (up close and inside!), and Ellis Island.  It was a great little mini trip, but I didn't manage to take a single photo (well, to be fair, it was raining most of the time!) and I haven't yet pestered my daughters to send me their photos.  Need to get on that!

How do you feel about not taking photos on a vacation?  Ever done it?


debs14 said...

No photos at all? Oh my! That has never happened here! My husband has always been a keen photographer so a camera is first on his packing list and now that we all have a camera on our phone, I'm a great 'snapper' - I don't put as much time and trouble into getting a good photo but at least I have recorded something!
Well done on the number of steps you have done, I think you and I are of the same activity level, it if goes over 5000 I'm happy (and sometimes surprised!)

Melissa said...

I always enjoy seeing your trackers - they are so colorful & FUN! You're doing great with the exercise!! Way to Go!

I can't remember not taking photos on a vacation, although I have been more intentional on our short weekend getaways to put the camera/phone away more often & just enjoy the time together. I'll still typically snap a few photos though.

I'm currently processing the photos when took on our Europe trip last year … hoping to start scrapping them this week & make some huge progress (before we come home later this summer with lots more photos from Alaska). :)

Karen said...

You've done a great job of tracking! And I'm happy with 5,000 steps as well on most days. When I was working full time, I had 10,000 without thinking about it, but I spend a lot more time in retirement on the computer or reading so I have to be more intentional about moving. I find tracking so hard to do when we're traveling a lot, or like this month, with the addition of a house guest for 10 days. Even though there's more travel in July, you've inspired me to figure out a way to keep track of steps again if nothing else. Can't ever remember not taking photos on a vacation. While we were in Chicago this month, I didn't get my "big" camera out until the last two days, but did take quite a few with the phone.