Sunday, April 15, 2018

My March wrap up ... in mid-April

We finished off March with a total of 4 Nor'easter storms and the threat of a 5th.  The cold weather continued into April in what seemed to be a never-ending Winter.  But then on Friday/Saturday we had a preview of Summer with temps jumping into the 80's.  Folks were out in short sleeves, yard work was being done, it was truly a celebration of the coming Spring.  It seemed like overnight the yellow forsythia leaves popped out and trees began showing buds.  A promise fulfilled - Spring always comes. 

Then today happened. It's 40 degrees right now.  Yes, it dropped over 40 degrees from this time yesterday.  Last night the wind howled and carried on. Today is grey and drizzly and dreary.  The last two days were just a tease.  This entire week is slated to be in the 40's and low 50's. Which is just as well - I have to be in the office 3 days this week.  So I won't feel like I'm missing anything.

Besides the never-ending-winter-storms, March was an interesting Month.  In "FIT" class, we tracked our mood throughout the month.  For me, the blue represents my "default" state - calm, content, even-steven, just being.  The yellow were particularly productive days and the green is when I was feeling most cheerful.  Thankfully March only gave me moments of the unfocused, tired, stressed and frustrated colors.  I was most surprised at the complete lack of angry/annoyed... which maybe means I'm growing up???

 For One Little Word, we were supposed to track one habit all month.  Of course, I always see it as "go big or go home" so I decided it was time to resurrect my habit tracker from 2015 (I think).  I actually enjoyed keeping this up to date and even though I'm not excelling at meeting every goal (like art everyday), there is a satisfaction in seeing all the color filling this sheet and in seeing in visual form that I had a decent month all things considered!
 I'm also keeping a monthly FIT calendar to track my steps and workouts.  The supplies to keep this one up to date are portable ... which means I can do it even when I'm traveling!
Gratitude journal is up to date!

Which reminds me... as of March 31st we gave up our shop in Phillipsburg NJ (lasted 1 year 3 mos) and are back to one local shop for our antiques business.  Sales have been so flat lately that I'm not even sure that one will last through the year for us.  But I've gained back over 3 hours per week of my life and I couldn't be happier about that!

What are you grateful for today?


Barbara Eads said...

I love your journals. It's fun to look back at your accomplishments and just every day life. What I'm most grateful for today is that I've already gotten the treadmill out of the way. I have to do it first thing or I never get around to it!

Melissa said...

Oh, I really like all the happy colors on your mood tracking and habit tracking charts!! I tracked eating and exercise in March ... but fell very (very!) short of my goals. I haven't looked at OLW for this month yet, but hoping to get to it today or tomorrow.

We've had more winter than usual, too - it was 36 degrees this morning, although it should be in the high 70s this afternoon. It's so frustrating going back & forth!

I'm grateful for lots of upcoming classes to teach and getting my exercise in early this morning! Have a great week Cheri!

Carola Bartz said...

You must be so tired of the seemingly never ending winter. I really hope for you that spring will find your corner of the world very very soon. The early spring is one of the things I absolutely love about Northern California and I don't miss the endless, cold and grey winters in Germany at all.

Karen said...

You've done a fabulous job of tracking! I do so much better when I use a tracker. I started one in April, and then gave up on it---I think the ongoing winter has really impacted my motivation. Like you, I am so. ready. for. spring! You've motivated me to get another tracker printed and get going on it.

Patio Postcards said...

All of those are amazing ways of tracking your progress. I especially like your fitness tracker. The OLW tracker of habits gives me an idea - thanks. I keep telling myself each new day is another chance at doing better.