Monday, March 28, 2016

Memorandum Monday

To:  All My Blog Friends
From: Cheri
Date: March 28, 2016
Re: Your Health

I have been reading Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter.  It follows closely with Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis that I read a few years ago. Both books espouse the theory that our grain-laden diets (and especially the GMO grains) are responsible for a myriad of medical problems from type 2 diabetes and obesity to skin conditions, headaches, and a host of inflammatory diseases. Grain Brain goes beyond the physical conditions and claims that grains and sugar are responsible for (or negatively affect) conditions such as Alzheimers, Parkinson's, bi-polar disorder, and even ADHD.

I'm not that far into the book, but this past weekend I read that studies as far back as nineteen years ago (and the book was published in 2013, so even longer than that) showed no correlation between high cholesterol levels and the incidence of heart attack or stroke. In fact, Perlmutter claims that people with high cholesterol levels (240+) fared better on memory and cognitive testing and had lower incidence of dementia than people with low cholesterol levels.  Say what now?   Yet, the medical and pharma communities are still pushing us to eat low-fat, low-cholesterol diets and to take statins if cholesterol levels hit over the 200 mark. So glad I passed on that statin prescription last year!

As I said, I'm not that far into the book, and I'm not taking it as gospel, but it is a strong reminder as to why I went to a Paleo lifestyle several years ago and a reminder that I need to get back to it. Unfortunately the convenience (grab and go) of grain-based products always seems to pull me back.

Today, Cathy Zielski shared this article on our FIT group.  It's a very condensed version of some of the same thoughts if you want a quick read!

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Joining in with Sian and all the Memorandum Monday folks. Hope you all have a healthy and happy week!


Patio Postcards said...

Now this is a coincidence, last night we watched a TV special with Michael Pollan, one of my favourite food authors. His theory is eat smaller amounts & eat mostly plant based foods. Every week the officials take something back about food, it is SO confusing. Thanks for the book info & the CZ link.

Sian said...

One of our other Mondayers, Eileen, will be especially interested in this as she posted today about her high cholesterol. And no harm in the rest of us having a good think about it either! Have a good week Cheri

Barbara Eads said...

I just don't know what to believe anymore. Every time you turn around, there is a new study that debunks the old study. Most likely, the key is smaller portions all the way around. Now if I could just do that, I'm sure I'd be much better off!

Karen said...

I gave up wheat and sugar for a few weeks earlier this year, and felt SO MUCH BETTER! Traveling has made it much harder to stick to it, but I know I need to get back to it as soon as we get home this weekend. This info just reinforces it.

debs14 said...

Having just demolished half an Easter egg I think I ought to seriously think about my sugar intake! It's so hard to know what is right and what is wrong anymore as every time you read one theory, another comes along to disprove it. I know that I don't feel great if I eat too much bread and cream can make me feel very unwell but I don't think I want to give up dairy and wheat all together.
I follow Slimming World which works for me. Basically you just have to remember that nothing is banned, it's just the sweeter, fattier things are very restricted. Unlimited fruit, veg, fish and unprocessed meat then allow yourself a little treat - it seems like a very sensible healthy eating plan and definitely works for me!

quiltingfool said...

Like the other ladies, I find it so confusing that so many "facts" about food intake are later debunked as being wrong. There are so many diet possibilities that it's endless. In the long run, people usually go with what is easiest for them to shop for and prepare, as well as enjoy eating. I could do a lot better, but like you, I don't enjoy cooking. So my weight loss diet, modified old-school weight watchers, consists of eating the same breakfast every English Muffin and 8 oz orange juice, a Slim version frozen meal for either lunch or dinner, under 350 calories and 10 grams of fat, and real food for the other meal, keeping my total intake under 1,000 calories and 25 grams of fat per day. As to what the "real" food consists of: very little meat, lots of vegetables, and yes, carbs. I can't live without carbs. Very little bread though, and pasta only in the frozen dinners. And no junk. Dessert is sugar free jello. One Diet Coke per day. My one indulgence, figured in, is a See's dark chocolate truffle, one a day, every day. It makes life worth living. I am mentally hungry all the time, but never physically. So we'll see how long my will power lasts. Good luck with yours. I know Paleo worked for you before, but it's too much meat and too expensive for me to try. We all do what we can and hope for the best.

Melissa said...

On our recent road trip, we ate all organic & gluten free for two days while glamping - it was a really neat experience & delicious food! Makes me want to get more fresh stuff in our diets . . .which I'm trying.

Carola Bartz said...

There are so many theories and "facts" that I simply don't believe all of them anymore neither do I follow them. When I look to my native country whose population is way healthier than the US I just stick to what I did there. I eat grains - organic whole grains. I could never ever in my life stop eating bread - dark, whole grain bread, that is. Not the white card board tasting stuff. I frequently bake my own bread and know exactly what's in there. I agree on the sugar. It's ridiculous how much sugar is in how many food products! Unbelievable! I do eat sugar - like in chocolate - but I believe in moderation. I don't believe in eliminating entire food groups. In the end everybody has to decide for themselves what they want to eat.
When it comes to weight loss - that will always be an uphill battle for me, especially now after menopause.
High cholesterol - it depends which cholesterol is high, the good or the bad? I have high cholesterol due to high levels of good cholesterol which is why my doctor is not worried at all. I don't like the idea of statins and wonder whether they would really help. Life style changes seem to have a more lasting effect (but of course wouldn't "feed" the pharmaceutical industry, and their own profit is all that counts for them, not our health).