Saturday, January 3, 2015

One Little Word - My Year to Thrive

Hello friends and welcome to 2015!

I don't know about you, but I am so glad to be here - in this fresh new year, full of promise and possibilities.

I'm so excited!

2015 will be my 7th year participating in One Little Word, and honestly, it has changed my life in so many ways.

2009 "Enrich" - learned Photoshop Elements; began digi-scrapping.
2010 "Whole-Hearted" - a big word that didn't really work.
2011 "Happy" - LOVED every minute of it.
2012 "Focus" - rolled up my sleeves, worked hard. Totally worth it. I still use many of the techniques I picked up during my year of focus to keep me on track.
2013 "Dare" - pushed me way out of my comfort zone.  Had a lot of fun and a little heartbreak as well... not every "dare" works out to your advantage... but still lessons well learned.
2014 "Kindness" - weekly blog posts really kept my word front and center. In seeking opportunities and ways to be kind, my gratitude practice grew as well - they really do go hand-in-hand! Even when I was in the hospital, I couldn't help seeing the good in every situation. I had the best nurses. I had a successful surgery. I lost weight. Yes, even the worst moments of my year of kindness had a silver lining. This practice is now thoroughly ingrained in who I am. It is an important and integral part of my life and will stay with me.

Which brings me to now. After a year of focusing outward - on family, friends, community, the environment - I feel a strong pull to have a year that focuses inward and specifically on me.  Rinda, you are in good company!


Because I was truly Inspired by the changes that Melissa made last year.

Because I know I'm finally ready.

For what?

  • To focus on my health. It has been a sub-goal every year. It is my primary goal this year.
  • To kick the sugar addiction. For reals this time.
  • To MOVE my body. Every day. Tai Chi, Yoga, Stretching, Walking, Strength Training... bring it on!
  • To be intentional about my choices. Every day.
  • To make time to PLAY with my art. Every day.  You know, for my mental health.

Sure there are tangible, measurable goals involved. Like losing weight. In 2014, I gained 15 pounds in the first three quarters, then lost 10 of it in the last quarter. I'm still up, but a darn sight better than I was in September!  Like doing a forward bend and touching my toes. Right now my fingertips can only reach to 8" above the floor. Like being able to plank for a full minute (I can barely hold ten seconds at this point). Like being able to walk the length of a flea market without back, hip, leg, or knee pain.  I'm fairly certain these are reachable goals. But in the end, the numbers and accomplishments aren't truly important to me.  It is the feeling of  being healthy and fit that really matters!

This will be a year of change and growth and getting to know myself.

This will be a year of seeking help in unexpected places.

This will be a year of being a beginner again in so many ways.

This will be a year of kicking self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk to the curb.

This will be a year of baby steps.

This will be the year I become leaner, stronger, healthier, more flexible, and more fit than I have ever been. Seriously.  When we get to the end of 2015, I want to look back and be amazed at the progress I've made! And I have all of you to help me stay accountable to myself.

This will be the year I experience a true sense of vitality.

This will be the year I THRIVE.

Quote About Living Life to the Fullest - Maya Angelou
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Tina J. said...

Amen! Absolutely! I wish you huge success in this journey and I'll be doing it too, with our common word: THRIVE!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Wishing you a Happy New Year Cheri and every success with your goals. I love that quote and read the first three of her autobiographies last year. What a wonderful woman she was.

Melissa said...

A fantastic post & the perfect word for 2015! (Thanks for the shout out! I can see that INSPIRATION is going to work both ways in my life this year - I'll be inspired & along the way inspire others.) We'll keep each other accountable . . . and need to figure out a way to get together sometime, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Good choice Cheri. I think that we all need a little bit of self love sometimes.

Unknown said...

Sounds great! Sounds like you are ready!

MonicaB said...

Wonderful post...and great word choice. I can not wait to see what you accomplish this year.

Karen said...

Awesome post, and fabulous choice! You'll do great, I'm sure. Some of my intentions are the same.

Alison said...

Great post Cheri..I share many of your intentions and wish you luck in achieving yours. Xx

scrappyjacky said...

Great post and great word choice,Cheri.....good luck with it.

alexa said...

A wonderful uplifting post, and I will be cheering on you from across the pond :). Thriving sounds such a nurturing aim!

Barbara Eads said...

Happy New Year, Cheri!! I love that you are focusing on yourself this year. We all need to do that a little more! I'll look forward to more of your inspiration!

humel said...

Good on you - I know you'll thrive this year, and I look forward to following along as you do :)

Sian said...

Excellent word! here's to a whole year of learning to thrive. Good luck!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Happy new year, Cheri. Thanks so much for visiting my blog last week and leaving a kind comment. I'm loving the word "THRIVE" for you for the upcoming year! You did such a great job keeping "KINDNESS" alive last year, I have no doubt you'll take THRIVE to a new level. All the best to you! xo

Unknown said...

As always, I believe we must be soul sisters for how often our paths are so parallel. FOCUS is my OLW. Perhaps I'm but a few pages behind you on my journey towards thriving! :-)

Maria Ontiveros said...

You will love your journey to a healthier you! I got serious about being healthier about four years ago when I turned 50, and it has been wonderful. Good luck to you friend!

Missus Wookie said...

What a wonderful post and word. I love that quote too. Look forward to seeing what you are doing this year with your word.

Carola Bartz said...

I love your goals for the year, and I think many of them are reachable. I am with you on loosing weight, but now with menopause and all that comes with it I find it harder and harder. I do my regular workouts and have added some more walks on top of that; also trying to eat healthier. Like you I want to become healthier, especially be nicer to my joints... like knees and hips. Thankfully I
am still rather flexible, I see that as a huge plus; at the same time, I do feel stiffness in the morning and then I think I'm OLD!!! It's not for sissies!