Monday, December 8, 2014

A Year of Kindness - Challenge Week 49

This week's challenge is short and sweet - VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME AND TALENTS.

There are unlimited opportunities for you to make use of your time and talents in service of others.

You could volunteer at the local library shelving books, at a food bank, or at the hospital as a greeter.
You could knit or quilt blankets for newborn preemies or sew pillowcases for children in the hospital.
You could help build homes. 

Whatever you choose to do, you'll know that you are helping others and I promise... you will feel so good about it!


Sian said...

I loved knitting the little blankets I did for the preemie unit in Romania: you're right. I need to do some more!

I want to cheer you on for the last few weeks of the year. You've nearly filled up a whole year with kindness

Barbara Eads said...

I need to do some volunteer things this year. I was a full time volunteer for 30+ years. Then I retired. Now I'm feeling like I need to do something.

Karen said...

I've been volunteering ever since I retired. For awhile I volunteered in the schools, but for the last four years most of it has been for our church and the wider Presbytery. For the last year and a half I've also volunteered every Tuesday at a mobile food pantry, and it's the most rewarding volunteer job I've ever had. This year I started helping out at an after school program in the inner city. It's a bit chaotic there, but I'm able to help kids with their homework, so it's all good. I guess there's a reason why my days fly by!

Melissa said...

Does it count if I'm helping a friend create a set of cards as a Christmas gift? I even picked up a special die for her this weekend so we could make them! (sheepish grin)

Not sure I'll get in any other volunteer work, but I've been thinking a lot about volunteering as I ponder my plans & goals for 2015.