Monday, February 24, 2014

A Year of Kindness - Challenge Week 8

 I hope you all had a chance last week to offer a complement for a helpful sales clerk, attentive wait staff, or anyone else who was able to assist you in your daily life.

This week's challenge is similar, but on a different vein. Do you frequently rely on the reviews posted by others for a product you are contemplating purchasing, a restaurant you want to try, or maybe a book you might like to read? I know I do! And often when there is a lot of negative feedback I will pass on even trying it. But I'm sure that, like me, you have products you love and swear by. Products you would be lost without. A scrapbooking tool? A cleaning product? A brand of clothing that is particularly durable? A favorite restaurant? Or maybe a book or a movie that really resonated with you and changed your life? Whatever it is... look it up online and leave some positive feedback! (of course, be honest) Your review may be the one that entices someone else to take a leap of faith.

Come back and let me know where you left positive feedback!


Maria Ontiveros said...

What an interesting idea. I do try to do class reviews and pass on links I like every now and again. I recently did a "pay it forward" post on facebook, and I'm enjoying sending out some RAK's.

Barbara Eads said...

That's a great idea! I'm going to do it!

scrappyjacky said...

Agreed...that is a good idea....I always post reviews on hotels we've stayed at.....and always check review sites before we book one.
Last week I left excellent feedback for the lovely RAC man who came to my car breakdown....and believed me when I said it hadn't run out of gas....he then quickly found the fuel pump fuse had blown....and he left me 3 spare ones.

Melissa said...

I think I failed on last week's assignment. I love the idea for this week - I'll be posting about a class I took last week at the Scrapbook Expo and I think I'll pop over to their blog & let them know how much I enjoyed my first experience with their products.

Karen said...

We really rely on the Yelp app when we are traveling for good restaurant reviews, and have found some very special ones through it. Tracy is really great about leaving reviews on Yelp as well. I should get on the band wagon!

Melissa said...

Just popped back over to say I Did It! I sent an email to Clear Scraps to let them know how much I enjoyed the class & that I thought it was well done. Got an email back from the owner/teacher who said it made her day! :>)