Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Every Once In A Blue Moon and Other Random Tidbits

Last night we had a blue moon.  No, not the beer... that big thing that hangs up in the night sky, providing light in the darkness...
I tried to capture a shot, but I don't have the technical knowledge and my camera was definitely not seeing what I was seeing... a big bright moon with clearly defined craters.  Oh well, gave it a shot! (pun fully intended).

So what exactly is a blue moon?  Apparently there is more than one definition. To purists - the third full moon in a season that has four full moons - which only happens once every 2.7 years.  To the rest of the world - the second full moon in a calendar month - which happens much more frequently.  This one was the real deal.  Maybe by the next time the real thing rolls around, I'll know how to shoot it!

I had a few people wondering, after my Simple Moment post, what a katydid sounds like.  And honestly, there are so many different sounds a katydid can make, depending on where you are located and the particular variety of bug.  But I was able to source a sound wave that sounds EXACTLY like the irritating little bugger outside my bedroom window:  Link to sound wave.  If you listen, you can hear the crickets in the background and how the sound of the katydid really overpowers the background noises. That is pretty much what I hear every night now when I go to bed!

My babies both leave for college on Saturday. I'm kind of excited and kind of freaking out. My first real taste of empty nest is a mere four days away. Where DID the time go???

And no, I wasn't the photographer for this shot of the two of them outside our temporary home at the shore.

Last, but by no means least, a few shots from our last trip to Longwood Gardens. The summer display includes water lilies. I could have spent hours photographing these plants.

But the display was crowded with people who were obviously far more serious photographers than me. I felt intimidated and very out of my element.

The beautiful shots I managed to capture made the time I did spend there very worthwhile! :)


Maria Ontiveros said...

Wow! Those photographs are amazing!
You should definitely not feel intimidated by anyone!
Besides being a fabulous photographer, you've raised two girls well enough to send them off to college. . . congratulations!
I know the mixed feelings (even though we won't be empty nesters for another few years).

alexa said...

Actually, your photos are stunning! The clarity and sharpness is superb - and oh, gosh, that is going to be a new start for all of you. I can see vividly the day we took my DD to university, and the drive back home ... Will be thinking of you. And you may just need a hanky ...

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Hm...I did not know about the moon. Missed it!

Your flower photos are just stunning, Cheri. I think you should feel proud and hold your head up high!

Good luck sending your girls off to college! I think you'll adjust quite nicely. ;o)

Sian said...

Best of luck to the pair of them! We have two more weeks of packing to do before delivering TTO.

Interesting: I didn't know what a blue moon actually is either

MonicaB said...

I'm going to be a mess when my kids go off to college. My oldest starts middle school this year and I'm a mess! The photos of the flowers are amazing.

Karen said...

I must admit it took me awhile to adjust to being an empty nester, and I still prefer it when I have them visiting and the house is busy and noisy! Congrats to those beautiful girls. Rinda is right, your photography is wonderful---no need to be intimidated. I watched that beautiful moon rise into the sky as we drove home from Chicago on Tuesday. There were several "killer" photos, but alas I was zooming along in a car.

Missus Wookie said...

We're packing and getting ready to send Princess off next month - amazing combination of feelings huh?

Gorgeous moon, I knew it was a Blue Moon and love both versions, heck I love full moons :)

Water lilies are some of my favourite flowers and the black/purple dye they add to the water always shows off the colours so well. Your photos are stunning, love the light through the Victoriana giant lily leaves.

Melissa said...

Those photos from the gardens are beautiful!

Enjoy the empty nest . . . for a few days anyway! Is it really one two weeks 'til you're here!

simply bev said...

I love your water lily photos!