Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hello Monday on a Tuesday

Fountain in downtown Bloomsburg (this will replace my sad White House fountain photo!).
Hello Grey Skies.

Hello Rain.

Hello Catch Up.  Yet Again.

Hello Grocery Store.  Putting in an appearance for the third time within the course of seven days.

Hello Tai Chi.  With a class full of newbies, we've had to slow waaaayyyy down.

Hello Belly Dancing?  A new class I'm trying starting on Thursday. Kind of nervous!

Hello Office. Thursday and Friday. Oh Joy.

Hello Bloomsburg Fair. Yes, heading back to Bloomsburg on Saturday. Pray it doesn't rain!


quiltingfool said...

Gorgeous fountain and great photo! I took belly dancing once, even had a costume. It's fun once you get over being extremely shy about exposing that much of yourself, even just to other women.

scrappyjacky said...

That's a great fountain,Cheri....and good luck with the belly dancing....sounds fun.

MonicaB said...

Belly dancing sounds like fun! Have a great time.

humel said...

That's a pretty fountain :) I'm intrigued to hear more about the belly dancing, too - hope you enjoy it!

Amy said...

I hear you on the groceries point - really, it is so monotonous isn't it?!

Now, bellydancing - will we see any photos fropm that one? Have fun!

Elizabeth said...

That's a really pretty fountain! We're not going to Bloomsburg fair until Wednesday. Hope it's another good one this year!

Karen said...

Your rain arrived here today as well. One of the first truly rainy days we've had recently. I'm anxious to hear about the Bloomsburg Fair.

debs14 said...

I love belly dancing! Only done it a few times but it's so much fun. I even bought myself one of the coin edged skirts because I loved the noise them make so much. You are going to enjoy it!