Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Scavenger Hunt - #18

I went to see "Magic Mike" with my sister Deanna and friend Rachel on Sunday July 1st.  I took my camera, prepared to capture a movie poster of the movie I was seeing.  No such luck. Not a single Magic Mike poster anywhere inside or outside of the theatre! I felt totally ripped off! Not to be short-changed, I sourced this poster online:
Photo Source
So, I'll be the first to admit it doesn't count... but nice eye candy right?  These guys really can dance - especially Channing.  Despite the lack of plot development and the totally predictable ending, I enjoyed the movie. I would have happily passed on the group sex and drug scenes and would have preferred if that running time had been spent developing the back story to Miami and the blossoming love interest between Mike and Brooke.  Seriously, if the producers wanted to bill this as a "girls night out" film, they should have asked some women what we prefer!  I did have to laugh though - they got the demographic right. The theater was filled with middle-aged women!  If you are going strictly to enjoy the dancing and buff bodies you won't be disappointed.  If you want a well-developed story line, don't bother.

While at the theatre I did manage a couple of "movie poster" pics:
 This 3D diorama for Ice Age (it was easily 10 feet across and 6 feet tall - I literally couldn't back up far enough to get the entire thing in).
And this larger-than-life poster for Brave hanging from the theatre lobby ceiling.

Check #18 off my list!


quiltingfool said...

Guess I must really be getting old. Buff bodies no longer attract me enough to get up off the couch and pay to go to a movie! I do, however, admire some of them from afar, but they're usually older than the current heartthrobs. Can't get excited about "Men" who are younger than my grandchildren! However, one who really floats my boat, and unless you're a "Dancing with the Stars" fan, or the last year of "Brothers and Sisters", you won't know him....Gilles Marini. The most gorgeous hunk of man on the face of the earth, and with a French accent to go with it. Whooie. Google him if you don't know the name!

Cheryl said...

I am all about the plotless eye candy! ;) Looking forward to seeing this soon.

MonicaB said...

I'm going to see Magic Mike next week with some girlfriends from High School. So yea, it's all about the eye candy! ;)

We are going to the drive-in to see Brave this weekend if it doesn't rain. Looking forward to that movie.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love the brave poster, as well as your sourced eye candy.

debs14 said...

I love the fact that all over the world, people are getting excited at ticking off another photo from Rinda's Scavenger Hunt! I need to go into town to source a poster sometime soon. I wonder what will be the latest release in my corner of the world!

Ginger said...

I love Mathew M. and I do want to see this movie hee! hee! good job on getting the pics! I hope to work on it this weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheri, finally got the time to check out my fav blogs! Thanks so much for dropping by my sadly neglected blog, it made my day! Sounds like you have been crazy busy too; congrats to the grads and best wishes to your DD on her new job! Sue x

Alison said...

Had never heard of Magic Mike until now..what a sheltered life I lead!!
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

Good job getting the movie poster. Haven't actually been to a movie in years so keeping my fingers crossed at getting that one.