Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sharing The Love

I really enjoyed seeing everyone share their Valentines cards made for spouses and friends and the Valentines projects - some really adorable blog stuff!  And it inspired me (last minute, Valentines Day morning) to make a card for hubby:

The front - pink cardstock (inked - how else do you make pink masculine?), love bling, and the print paper are from no-longer-in-business Top Line Creations - one of the former scrap biz companies that I repped for.  It was great to be putting some of that leftover inventory to constructive use!  The grey/black metallic paper was from a combo pack from Michaels. Used a Fiskars punch to create the scalloped edge.

And a teeny peak at the inside, but sorry... the sentiments are private!

This was delivered for me on Valentine's Day.  Two dozen roses!

I have discovered that although I possess various and numerous talents, the ability to arrange flowers in an asthetically pleasing manner does not number among them.  I did my best, but this is one area where I simply do not excel.  So I'm embracing imperfection.  Luckily the flowers are gorgeous regardless of my total lack of arranging expertise! 

Funny, but when I went out after the doorbell rang, there were two identical boxes on the front porch. Both from Pro-Flowers. The second box was for Becca. Her boyfriend of 22-months-and-counting sent her a bouquet as well.

Also 24 roses, but a completely different color combo.  Where I had red, white, pink-tipped, and peach(?), Becca's arrangement had cream, pale pink, pink-tipped, and a variegated yellow with pink edges.  Peter had also sprung for the vase (I have plenty of vases and Jay knows that) and some bath products.

Here's a closer shot of  the color combo from my flowers - just a few hours later - look how much some of them had opened up!
And a close-up of my favorite color from this bunch.  Of course these are the ones that are already in full bloom and so destined to last the shortest.  But it's all good! :)
Last, but not least in this Sharing the Love post - the balloon that Rachel brought home from work.  We had gone to her restaurant (The Historic Piper Tavern) for lunch (since both teens had to work dinner shifts and needed our cars) and had seen these balloons all over the restaurant.  I had the yummiest Crab Au Gratin.  And now I have the balloon as a souvenir! :)


Kelly Miller said...

Love the card - I wouldn't have though to put those colors/patterns together, but you always make it work.

Gorgeous flowers!

quiltingfool said...

Great card and lovely flowers. How nice for both of you to be remembered so well. Mike got me a dozen red roses that morning and had them on the table before I even got up. We don't do much anymore. 40 years together and you really don't need proof anymore. Too many other places we need to spend money right now. But I must say, I love the roses.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that apricot rose! Looks like you had quite a nice Valentine's Day. I got a bouquet of mixed flowers--lots and lots of different ones despite the fact that we agreed not to do gifts this year. They installed our TV today. It's like being at the movies!! A Valentine we'll be enjoying for a long time.

debs14 said...

Great card, you really did manage to take a masculine feel on the pink!
The flowers are so pretty, and a pretty flower is perfection in it's own way, they look so lovely however you arrange them.
That apricot colour is just the most beautiful one!

scrappyjacky said...

Masculine cards are so difficult,I think....and you've made a gorgeous and elegant one.
Love the flowers [I'm not a great arranger either!!]....roses are always so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Pretty card! Sounds like a nice day!

humel said...

What a lovely card :-) And gorgeous flowers! I had a lonely Valentine's, The Doctor was still away :-( Glad you had such a good one xx

Sian said...

I bet your house smells absolutely gorgeous! I'm no flower arranger either (shh! Don't tell but I always get J. to arrange the flowers he sends me becasue when he was a little boy he used to help his mum do the flowers for church every week)

alexa said...

A very elegant card! Hope he loved it. :) And such a lot of delicious blooms ... I'm another in the what-do-I-do-with-these flower-arranging category. Should learn from my Mum who is a whizz with two flowers and a leaf.