Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On Fitness and Finding Time

I have been procrastinating on buying new athletic shoes for far too long. Because to get them professionally fitted I have to go to a store that isn't on my way to or from anything else I do. In fact, it is decidedly out of the way. When I finally made up my mind to do it... NO BIG DEAL! My knees are still bothering me, but the new shoes are an improvement.  And if you are paying close attention, you'll notice I borrowed a bit of Mel's template to create this page! Thanks Mel!
On September 3rd the girls had off school and Jay had taken the day off work. So we were all home for a four day weekend. The only problem with that is I find it nearly impossible to find time for myself when everyone is here and wanting my attention. I finally managed to grab some time after everyone had gone to bed (I couldn't sleep anyway) to catch up on google reader, do my writing for the 30 Days to Living A Better Life challenge, and just think.

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Anonymous said...

Great layouts and cute, cute shoes!!

quiltingfool said...

I wish you had a whole lot more time. Time to devote to your blogging, because I (and all your other devotees) enjoy it so much. You give us little snippets of your life, thought provoking musings to chew on, and humor to cheer our days. You write so very well, I check several times a day hoping to find something new, and re-read the old postings often. Keep them coming, your fan base needs you!

Anonymous said...

Two great additions to your album. I love that photo of the top of the clock; all you needed, says it all!

humel said...

I did notice, I did - and it made me feel so happy, thank you! I love your pages, I've thoroughly enjoyed my catch up after a very busy few days here.