Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You Don't Know What You've Got Til It's Gone

Last Wednesday I posted an update here with photos of my Art Journal project.  Then signed off and shut down my computer.  My desktop computer.  The computer that has been causing me no end of grief with programs hanging and messages about inadequate virtual memory.  The computer that was processing so slowly that I was LITERALLY watching....screens.....paint..... Remember that - like in the old dial-up days???

So I packed that computer in my car and took it to work last Thursday to have them diagnose and (hopefully) fix my performance issues.  After clearing off some malware and still having problems with slow operations and hanging programs, the guys at the office decided the best course of action was to wipe my computer and start from scratch.  So I finally got it back today.  But it isn't functional yet.  It is sitting in the back of my car (too heavy for me) waiting for Jay to get home and hook it back up. 

I have survived the week without my desktop using the laptop that work issued to me for travel purposes.  A less than satisfying substitute.  Don't get me wrong - I am SOOOOO grateful to have the laptop.  It is great for connecting to the Internet to check email and for minor net surfing and such.  It has kept me connected to my absolute lifelines - work, the internet, the blogs I follow.  But the laptop isn't so great for blogging.  So I've been away for a week and I see by my Google Reader that I've lost four subscribers in that time.  Can't say I blame them.  I get bored with blogs that don't have regular posting too.  Well, I've missed posting so much that I decided to muddle my way through posting with the laptop - just to get back here! 

The laptop also isn't so great for anything that involves graphics.  My attempts to digi-scrap with Photoshop Elements on this laptop have been nothing short of mind-bogglingly frustrating!  I'll be plugging along working on a layout and then the computer will hang.  And when it finally works again, I'll get a message stating that Photoshop has encountered an error and has to shut down.  Arrrrggggghhhhhhhhhh.  All that work lost.  Supposedly the processor in this laptop is sufficient and additional RAM was added so that I have 1.25 gigs.  That should be sufficient, especially if I'm not running any other programs.  Has anyone out there encountered this issue?  Any idea what the cause might be?  I'd love for my PSE to be portable!

Anyway, all this to say I really truly miss my desktop and I hope it is fixed!  I'm going to have to reload a bunch of programs (PSE7, the software for my Epson PictureMate, the software for my card reader, etc.) but if it puts me back in the game, I'll be SOOOOOO HAPPY!  In the meantime... here are a few layouts I did manage to squeak out with the laptop.

  My latest Art Journal page. 

Credits:  Papers are Tangie Baxter's Fantasy Solids; Word Art is the Art Journal Caravan Week 4 download; all others PSE7 brushwork.  To create this look, I layered three different solid color papers and then used the PSE eraser tool with various brushes (mesh and butterflies) to expose parts of the under layers.  It was fun to just "play" with the capabilities of PSE.

My newest 2 page layout from Cathy Zielski's Design Your Life class.   Catching R & B in the act. 


scrappyjacky said...

Hope the desktop is 'cured' and you're soon back up to speed.
Love the layouts of your daughters....the journaling rings a complete bell with my 2 are very sinilar....though at a slightly older age than yours....they still come whinging about the other!!

Sian said...

I hope you get your computer issues sorted out very soon:) I do blog with my laptop but that's mainly so I can be any where in the house while I do it. Lovely layout of your girls!

humel said...

Poor you, it's horrible to be computer-less, isn't it? Hope it isn't too troublesome to get everything up and running again x

Love the layouts btw :-)

Jocelyn said...

Poor you, I know exactly how you feel. We came back from a week camping and I was itching to get online and catch up with my friends in the computer, but.... no internet connection for the whole week!!! so. hard. to. cope. withdrawal. painful...

Thankfully it is fixed!! and I have a tonne of catching up to do.

Nice layout too by the way :-)

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Hope your PC is happy dancing soon. I lost my laptop recently due to a sudden blue screen of death and was petrified that I'd lost everything on my hard drive. But, I live with a man who is handy with computers (it's his job, in fact), so I was able to get everything off the drive. I feel your pain about losing followers too! I'm experiencing that too. HUGS! PS> great layouts, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...
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