Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome 2010!

It is not only a new year, it's a new decade!  And I'm looking forward to the changes that will bring, both personally and hopefully with the economy and the world in general.  You may have noticed that I was absent for awhile.  I had 10 days off from work and a mental to-do list about a mile long - all the great things I was going to accomplish during the Christmas break.  And how many things did I cross off that list?  Not a single one!  In ten days of freedom, I did NOT
  • catch up with my Christmas Journal pages
  • sew the curtains for my craft room
  • convince Jay to get the wiring done for my office
  • get my garage space back (still putting old cabinets out for bulk trash a couple at a time)
  • do the "pre-work" for Design Your Life
In ten days of freedom, I did
  • relax
  • spend time with my family
  • go shopping
  • celebrate Christmas and New Years
  • eat entirely too much
  • watch a lot of television (we had an "Office" marathon here)
  • read most of "The Happiness Project"
  • outline my intentions for 2010 (more on this in a coming post)
  • choose my "one little word" for 2010 (more on this in a coming post)
  • put away all things Christmas
While I don't feel entirely prepared for everything that needs to happen in January and beyond, I do feel that the "break" from routine was necessary both mentally and physically. And I'm ready to tackle this year.  Let me leave you with a few Christmas Journal pages that I did complete!

I made these holders for all the gift cards I gave this year - great use for leftover bits of Christmas papers and ribbon!  I originally saw this idea from a post by fellow blogger Karen Walker.  I absolutely ADORE Karen's style and find lots of stuff to scraplift from her blog.  Karen kindly sent me the link to the original instructions on Two Peas.
  This was the girls' "big" gift for the year.  $150 in cash.  The idea for a money book came from Jessica Sprague's Holidays in Hand class.  She provided a link to the instructions here. I found I had to play with the sizing and actually cut the covers 7" wide rather than 6" to allow for the ribbon ties.

I went a step further with the book and created this poem based on "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to include with the book. Hopefully my girls understood the message.


scrappyjacky said...

Glad you enjoyed your days at home even if your 'to do' list didn't get done!
The gift card holders are great...I'm going to go look at that tutorial.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Very cute covers! Glad you enjoyed your holidays!

Anonymous said...

You are so much more like your birth mother than you would ever admit to yourself. I was so tickled at the poem you wrote for the girls. I have several scrapbooks that contain similar poems I wrote to explain the presence of, or lack of a specific gift. I was expecially proud of my tome for the missing Nintendo WII that just couldn't be found before Christmas. Also wrote another one when we got the WII in February and presented it to its new owner. And I loved your gift card holder (I kept it) this year. You are so clever, and inspite of not completing what you had intended, you still managed to make it personal. Love you girl!

Sian said...

Happy New Year Cheri! I think you did the right thing..relaxing and spending time with your family are the best.