Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Catching Up on Beautiful Evidence

p 9. "The Cast" - this page introduces the characters for the "US" chapter. I'm planning to add duplicates of the "Me" page for each family member.
p. 8 - opening of Chapter 2 "Us". JS had names & ages listed on this page. Since I'm using an old photo, I opted for this great Erma Bombeck quote instead.
p. 7 "May I Have" - this one may get some reworking. I'm seeing such inspiring pages in the gallery that makes me want to make this page a little more personal.
p. 6 "Influences" This page came together pretty easy for me. Although I have many different influences in my life, what really guides me from day to day are the values my Mom instilled in me growing up, my love for and commitment to my family, and my love of learning.

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Lauren said...

GORGEOUS PAGES! Do you print them at all?

I'm taking Shimelle's blogging class with you...