Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mouse in the House

Our excitement for yesterday was having a mouse in the house - or more specifically - a "microtus pennsylvanicus" or meadow vole. (photo borrowed from the internet - we were way too busy trying to get the thing OUT to take photos!) This is the second time we've had one of these little visitors - the first critter - last fall when we still had a patio door off the family room - was much cuter with big ears. This guy was just fat - but still amazingly fast. At one point we had him cornered and Jay actually grabbed the critter in his bare hands - the critter still got away. Rachel and Becca didn't want any part of it. I only screamed once - when furballus superfasticus ran from under the sofa to under the love seat right between my legs! Ashley was interested and took part in the hunt for awhile too. After chasing Sir Pest around the family room for awhile, he finally darted out seemingly the same way he'd come in - through a space at the bottom of the garage door where he had apparently chewed a hole through the door sweep. So we discovered an immediate need for household repairs and the furry little rodent escaped with his life (which was infinitely preferable to having to place traps, so we are all happy about that)! No doubt he will now spend the Winter exacting his revenge on my front lawn for being so unceremoniously chased out.

During the course of chasing this little guy around the family room, he left us lots of little presents - behind the t.v., under the sofa, in the far corners of the room. So now furniture has been moved and the room has been thoroughly vacuumed, including the cat fur behind the sofa, and the carpet spot cleaned in every area when I found evidence of the little furball. I can honestly say my family room floor hasn't been this clean since the carpet was originally installed. Also thanks to our furry friend, and a quick trip to Home Depot, we now have a new door sweep and strip foam insulation at the base of the garage door. Meaning less draft from the garage into the family room. Might even save on our heating bill this winter! All because of a mouse.

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Unknown said...

So very cute! I can't believe it actually sat on a hand long enough to photograph!