Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Subtle Transformations - part two

These "lovely" blue cardboard boxes actually hold 12x12 hanging file folders. I have three of them. One houses all the "School of Life" ephemera for Rachel and Becca. The second houses Sarah's "School of Life" and family vacation ephemera.  The third has miscellaneous stuff that I've kept to scrapbook. At some point I need to go through these boxes and do some major purging of saved "stuff" but for now it is contained.

Only the boxes were just too ugly to take their place in my beautiful new scraproom. That royal blue stuck out like a sore thumb.

Two cans of spray paint later (did you know that cardboard boxes really soak up spray paint?  And that if you paint outside on a windy day, half the paint blows away?) and I have green boxes that match my room and do not stand out, but rather, blend in quite nicely. I learned a lot about spray paint on this job - including that hubs gets annoyed if I get paint on the garage floor... ooops!


scrappyjacky said...

But despite the painting trauma...thay now fit in perfectly.

Sian said...

That has worked so well though. They look very chic now :)

humel said...

lol! They do look great :-) (I've discovered that my husband doesn't like it when I melt the carpet with my heat gun... Or with the iron when I've been ironing ribbons for a layout!!)