Thursday, March 11, 2010

Precious Metals

Yes, I have to admit that I have a few precious metals in my stash:

Note that I do not store much in its original packaging. I use a lot of little ziploc baggies and store these in a tote with clear zipper pages that hold everything.  This is just my bookplates, metal words and some miscellaneous charms.  Of course there are also lots of brads and eyelets.

I have joined fellow bloggy friends Mel, Amy, Sharyn, Sian, KarenKate, Dolly, Scrapchick, and Karen in Shimelle's new class "Something for Almost Nothing"  and I can't imagine a better bunch of classmates! There is still time to join us if you are interested in using up some of that scrapbook stash you have tucked in nooks and crannies all over the place!

Our first assignment was to use our precious metals.  I've decided not to do the album that goes along with the class, but to use my stash in a new project - My Junque Journal (and probably some miscellaneous layouts along the way that will get filed in my Library of Memories system).  I first saw the idea for the Junque Journal over at Enjoy the Ride Today where Kai had posted the start of her own journal, along with a link to Tangie Baxter's YouTube Video that shows what a Junque Journal is - and from there you can watch a couple of other videos on how Tangie put it together.  Since I'm already following Tangie this year on the Art Journal Caravan this just seemed like one more fun way to play and a way to put Shimelle's class to good use!

My Junque Journal cover is still a work in progress, but here it is for right now:

I've been able to use up an old composition notebook that was in the cupboard since my girls were in grade school, some of my ribbon stash, some journaling paper, some paint, and the fancy Tim Holtz bookplate... and I haven't gotten past the front cover yet!  I'm probably getting way ahead of myself decorating the front cover when I haven't prepped any of the inside pages yet.  But I'm having fun playing!
Here's a close up of the bookplate and the word art I made to go inside it:
The letter "J" is from Tangie's Medieval Faire kit alpha, the rest is "Old English Text" which came with my Word program.


humel said...

Hooray, another classmate! *happy dance* Love your Junque Journal idea; how yummy is that Tim Holtz frame? Great idea to use it on the cover where it'll be seen most :-)

Lee said...

So sad I'm missing out on the class this time around! I'm looking forward to seeing what you and the girls post :) Busy putting together a sketch class for May. I'll just have to live vicariously through you. LOVE the journal idea!

Amy said...

For a predominantly (now) digital girl you really know how to use the paper! This looks wonderful - isn't it great to see so many bloggy friends over there? Makes for a fun class!

Liberty :) said...

my goodness I absolutely categorically NEED one of these journals. AND I have JUST the book to do it in! Marvellous! Thanks for the inspiration Cheri :)

You are a fab classmate too :) XXx

Sian said...

Yes, you're right, I'm in class too! That is the best collection of book plates I have ever seen :) I think your journal is going to be fantastic and I'm looking forward to seeing more

Unknown said...

This is just so lovely, and thanks for the links, I am really intrigued by this idea. Such fun! Really looking forward to seeing how it progresses. scrappysue from Shimelle's class

Unknown said...

Love it! Great job... can't wait to see more progress!