Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TV, pillowcases, and craft projects - oh my!

January 12 - My Life Well Crafted journal. I kept this "project" super simple using a notebook I'd had in my scraproom for about 3 years and very simple embellishments. Small enough to keep right by my computer for "Question Monday"!

January 11- while Jay drove Sarah back to college, I took a break from reality (in between loads of laundry) to read The Adoration of Jenna Fox. It's classed as a "young adult" novel, but it really is a make you think kind of book. Really good and quick read.

January 9 - Ashley's unhealthy obsession with Oscar. Thankfully Oscar is now back at college with Sarah where he is safe from all manner of four legged friends!

January 8 - TREND's first "Day of Giving". Our group of about 20 employees spent the day sewing pillowcases for kids with cancer with members of the ConKerr Cancer organization. Another 40 employees spent the day at PhilAbundance stocking shelves at their warehouse for distribution to food kitchens throughout the area. It's great to work for a company that donates their time like this!

How can you not be proud of the first pillowcase you've ever sewn????Cindy Kerr - founder of ConKerr Cancer, on the floor cutting fabric

January 7 - Why I scrap. A project from the Get Organized Be Inspired class at BPS which is helping me totally reorganize my scraproom for the way I scrap!

January 6 - I've finally installed PSE7 and am starting my Photoshop class with Jessica Sprague online. I'm excited to be learning a new skill!

January 5 - The most anticipated t.v. show in our home in a LONG time! Rachel & Becca watched parts of the marathon on Sunday, but showered early to be ready for this. Sarah had Allison over and basically ordered me out of the basement so she and Allison could watch in peace. I watched upstairs with Rachel & Becca.

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Anonymous said...

I love this show! I watched most of the marathon and 90% of the premiere with Susanne (not quite 11y/o) but had to shut it off when they began talking about oral sex. I guess I'm not ready for those questions yet! LOL