Friday, January 30, 2009

Jan 11-17 re-do

I just wasn't happy with the colors on the original version. Compare them and tell me (honestly) what you think. I need some constructive feedback.

Credits: papers - Summer Driggs "year to Shine" kit; overlay - Trish Jones "Distressed Diva"; template - M Originals 047; friendship quote - Ettes & Company.


Anonymous said...

I prefer the original, for the same reason you don't. I like the colors. I just don't like the colors in the second - and the colors combined with the rigid layout to me seems too "formal" for a crop.

JMHO b/c U ASKED :-)

Anonymous said...

I think the pattern in the second one is cool but I think it would support a single photo better. The colors seem to overpower the photos and the block layout of the photos doesn't seem to fit well inside the black shape. Try the first layout with a periwinkle color instead of taupe.