Thursday, June 16, 2011

Picture Inspiration {13,14,15/52}

From the Ground Up (a bug's eye view):

On a particularly overcast day. And yes, these flowers do lay right on the ground!

A Bird's Eye View:

And Double Vision - the same thing from two perspectives. In which case I just used the two photos above in a diptych.


Amy said...

I love taking photos from down low - what this one shows me though is that it was great light for photos - the flowers look fantastic!

Sian said...

A great reminder to think about where I put myself when I'm taking pictures!

alexa said...

Even is cool light, they look great!

Jo.C said...

Thanks for your encouragement on photo freedom - I managed to work through and get them all into the right months and years and felt so much better. I really can see the benefits - I think I just got a shock when I saw how many there were :0)
Have fun x