Monday, November 8, 2010

Five Things On My Mind

I have so many little things on my mind today.  Just thought I'd do a quick share:

1. A huge THANK YOU to all my wonderful friends who responded to my plea for help on my Mama Angst post.  You ladies are so awesome! I'm feeling so much better about the prospect of Sarah heading off to London knowing that there are people nearby willing to step in and help out my baby should the need arise. Love you!

2. Inspired by Pottery Barn Teen; Made by Me:

A similar cork board at PBTeen runs about $150.

I made my own - to match the throw pillows I made for the scraproom. This new addition to my office space cost about $40 in materials, all of which I bought on sale!
  • 4 piece corkboard tile set from Staples,
  • white core foamboard
  • and frame sets from Michaels.
The frame was the most expensive bit because the entire thing measures 24"x24" - not a standard frame size, so I couldn't pick up a cheap frame and had to buy the make your own sets.  But I'm so pleased with how it turned out and how it looks in my office space!

3. My Friday weigh-in I was up a half pound. I followed that up with three straight days of eating out and therefore eating over my calorie limit. It didn't help that I was feeling a little sorry for myself because I'm sick (again)(head cold, sore throat, cough).  But today have dusted myself off and I'm back in the saddle - determined not to undermine the good I've done so far!

4. Have you seen this?

A new FREE class over at! The time frame runs into the start of Journal Your Christmas and Picture the Holidays, but I've gone and signed up anyway! I never pass on a freebie from Jessica.  And I've never been disappointed.

5. I still have no idea what the format will be for my December Journal this year.  I'm glad Shimelle is posting the digital kit early so I can see if anything in that strikes my fancy.  I want to get it figured out before December begins so I'm not needlessly stressing about it. Are you ready? What have you decided to do?


Melissa said...

Cheri, LOL I posted about Jessica's class today too - and yes, I signed up! Love your new corkboard - great job! I was ill two days last week, so I missed three days of exercise, but am right back on track today too. Sometimes getting off track a little gives us the jolt to do better!

Amy said...

I love the corkboard too :-)
Jessica's classes are always money well spent - or not in this case, she is extremely generous!

alexa said...

The noticeboard is very stylish :), and hope you'll be feeling better soon, and back where you want to be... For my December Daily, I designed my own psd.files for the to make it quicker to do when I got there, and if they're any good to you (8.5x11), they're on my blog and you are most welcome to download them. Thanks for the info on Jessica's class - off to do something about it right now!

Liberty :) said...

wow well done you!! cork board looks fabbo!

Sian said...

Great job with the cork board!

I'm still undecided about my Christmas album too - I pulled out some papers and bits and put them in a box so I'll see if I still like them when it comes round to 1st Dec!

Anonymous said...

Board looks great! Yes, am in JS freebie again this year also! And I think I'm going to pretty much follow Ali's journal this year, I bought the digi 6x8 overlays but am doing 5x7.5 size - the format, Shim's prompts.

Anonymous said...

Love the corkboard; gave up on keeping track of my diet until I get home from my next trip to California; and I too, signed up for Jessica's course although I've hardly begun True Stories and also signed up for Picture the Holidays and am in my fourth or fifth year for Journal Your Christmas. I'm following Ali's basic model this year as I had a lot of transparencies in my stash and thought it would be a good idea to use them. Those pages are nearly done. Still need to do the covers, and haven't decided how I will use her digital templates. Definitely related to this post! :-)

humel said...

I do hope you're feeling better xx

The corkboard is fab! What a good idea :-)

I just got the covers I plan to use for JYC in the mail today (like, 5 minutes ago!!) so I can decorate them later, exciting.... I know what I want to do for the pages but waiting for a few more supplies to arrive before making the final decision.