Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Get Artsy

Seriously, I can't keep up with my life anymore! I have so much to share but have had precious little time to get anything posted here to my blog. I'm here today trying to remedy that at least a little!

I'm taking the Get Artsy class by Mou Saha over at Big Picture Classes.  This class combines two of my favorite things - scrapbooking and mixed media techniques. Up til now I've kept these two hobbies separate, so I thought I'd give this class a try to see how I felt about mixing it up.

Week 1:
Week one we were to use a gessoed background with gelatos (a stick form of watercolor) to create a background. I didn't have the gelatos yet, so I used my Neocolor Watercolor crayons.  After the color is applied you can use a stencil and a baby wipe to remove color to create a reverse resist (see those little butterflies just above the photo?). I didn't get exactly the look I was going for because I didn't have enough stencils on hand to do what I wanted. But I was still very pleased with the final result.

Week 2:
This layout was a result of my Studio purge/memorabilia review last month.  I came across a "love letter" I had written to my twins when they were toddlers. I excerpted the portion that was just to Rachel for this layout.

Week two had us using gel medium for collage (lower right corner of the white canvas) and for a resist technique with watercolors (chevron upper left corner).  I learned that gel medium works so much better for collage than mod podge and dries without the stickiness that has been causing so many of my art journal pages to stick together. Good thing to know!  This layout (because of drying time between layers) took all day.

I'm rapidly learning that I don't really like mixing mixed media with scrapbooking.  Although I love the results of these two layouts, this is definitely too fussy and time-consuming for scrapbook pages (let's face it, I LOVE Digi!) and because I still want to tell a story with words and photos I'm finding that you really have to PLAN placement of elements to make a balanced layout. Doing mixed media just for fun doesn't have those kind of constraints and I can just go with the flow more.

I still intend to finish out the class and participate in all the exercises, but I'm happy to have learned that after this, I'll likely be keeping these separate.

I've also learned that I'm rapidly running out of my butterfly stash! Oh no! So to all my bloggy friends here's a heads up... my birthday is May 29th... and I'm almost out of butterflies...  Seriously, just kidding.  Sort of. ;-)


Melissa said...

These turned out great Cheri. I've read & watched all the week one material & gotten my gesso & gelatos, but otherwise I've had to put Get Artsy on hold with the school year coming to a close. I'm looking forward to giving it a go very soon though & hope I get as good a results as you have here!

Oh yes, must make a note about the butterflies and birthday!! :>)

Sian said...

That's an interesting observation..because I think you have such a talent for the mixed media stuff and I love what you have done here. I hear what you are saying my struggles with enjoying white space, but wanting to get all the words on there too

debs14 said...

I especially love the first layout, the colours are beautiful and enhance the photo perfectly. Your mixed media work is so clever.

Missus Wookie said...

Very pretty pages both of them! I already knew I don't like mixing too much messy stuff with my scrapbooking - enough that I can't go 100% digi but not too much. Is the first also for Cathy's class?

Cool finding the letter and using a bit too :)

Karen said...

Both pages are very pretty but I do like the colours on your first one best. I am really looking forward to see how you incorporate your art into your layouts.

Karen said...

The first page just seems perfect for the photo and story you chose! I totally understand your feelings about mixed media and scrapbook pages. I think I've thrown out most attempts at combining them. I'll stick to my art journal for now, and hope I get more comfortable with it.