Monday, April 1, 2013

One Little Word Blog Hop - April

Whether you arrived here from Lee's Blog as part of the One Little Word Blog Hop, or you are here because you love me and drop by regularly... Welcome! I love visitors! The One Little Word Blog Hop is a monthly hop run by Lee for members of Ali Edwards' One Little Word class over at Big Picture Classes. The hop goes live on Friday at 6:00 a.m.  You can always check back later if someone's post isn't live yet.

The March assignment for One Little Word was to choose a specific action for March and put it on the calendar.  
Since my word is DARE, I phrased the specific action in terms of a dare.  For March I  "dared" myself to finish one unfinished project, to clean and organize my office, and to keep up with the Finding Photo Freedom class.

For my UFO, I chose an album I started back in 2008 from a BPC class called "Perpetual Happiness".  I had done most of the exercises for the class, but had never finished all the layouts that went with it.  I finished this album!  I shared some of the digi layouts I created HERE.  And here are the paper layouts I created during March:

This isn't actually a picture of my office.
The goal of this layout was to create a story
"as if" you already had exactly what you wanted.

It is so great to have that project done!

The office clean-up also went great.  Here's the proof:
My office space looking from the left.  Lots of misc. stuff piled on the desk in the "before" photo.

My office space looking from the right.  You'd be surprised how much "stuff" I took out of that space!!

Under the desk area.

On the opposite wall from the desks are the cabinets and printers. I didn't just clear the counter, I went through every drawer and cabinet, sorted, purged, and re-organized. Did all the filing.  Took three grocery bags of paper out of this room!  I spent nearly a week working on it, but I'm so happy to have so much less clutter in this space now. Makes working in here so much nicer!

I did move a large box of stuff back to the "studio" (living room turned craft room) and that will be my next project.  But I'm giving myself the entire month of April for that one! ;)

And to close, here is my Tracker for March.  I'm very happy with the way this month went and can't wait to see what I can accomplish in April!
Thanks for stopping by!  If you are following the hop, your next stop is Lisa's blog If you get lost, here's the entire list:


Anonymous said...

So many wonderful projects! And, wow! You are so organized now. Good work!

Missus Wookie said...

Love the idea of scrapping something you wish you had as if you did!

Congratulations on the amount of purging and getting stuff done you did this month - woot :)

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO! A very productive month :) Well done. Your layouts are awesome. I'm just starting to learn how to meditate - at least, it's on the list! Happy April :D

MellyBird said...

Some serious productivity and eye candy here! I love your "no more" list and the toni quote. I need to tattoo that list on the back of my hand. Loved reading all your journaling on the layouts. Very heartfelt! I love genuine journaling. Thanks for the read! :)

scrappyjacky said...

Looks like you got loads done last month,Cheri.

Naomi said...

How wonderful to finish big projects like this. Nice job. :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

I felt good about finishing up an art journal over the weekend,and I'm working on finishing my iphonography class, too.

Alison said...

A productive month indeed...I'm hoping to catch up with few UFOs myself this month!
Alison xx

michelle said...

Great job on the office organization. :) I love all your creative layouts for the prompts too.

alexa said...

By gum, you have been super busy and productive! I love the way your energy has just seemed to flow through all of these. And was very touched at your not-to list and your letter to your daughters. Recognising we are/were going the best with what we have at the time is so liberating for us and for others! A joyful read!

Cheryl said...

Congrats on a very productive month! I loved looking through all your LOs this morning - you have been on quite a roll!

Ruth said...

Wow, I'm super impressed with the month you had! Well done.

BacktoAllen said...

Holy moly you've been busy! I always love seeing your checklists and admire the letter you wrote to your kids. Well done.