Friday, September 30, 2011

The Mother LOAD - the final count.

Besides all the Learn Something New Every Day, Me In My Moleskine, and Big Idea Festival pages that I've created during my month of Mother LOAD, what have I accomplished???

this pretty envelope...
and this card, which I sent to Sarah at college with a few gift cards tucked inside.

I have to admit that the card design came from my Close To My Heart consultant - I just assembled it!

 This pretty envelope sent off to my recipient in Ginger's September mail art exchange - with a pretty little bookmark tucked inside.

I had fun with the "earth" theme!

And - oh my - a 12x12 layout???? Yes!  This one takes us back about 19 years in time to when Sarah was an adorable toddler going through a "black" phase.

The journaling reads:

Every little kid goes through phases and you were certainly no exception. At two years old you went through a period where you preferred to dress in black.  Not goth, just black. It wasn't all you wore by any means, but given a choice, these were the outfits you liked best.  They saw the washer frequently.  Sarah - Summer 1992.

Another 12 x12 layout!  The journaling reads:

A trip to the bookstore for new books was always a fun activity. Meeting Arthur and getting your books signed was a bonus! Summer 1997.

At that time, Becca really liked the character "D.J." in the Arthur books, but as you can see from the photo, she wasn't at all shy about cozying up to Arthur!  Believe it or not, signed Arthur books still reside on the bookshelf in the bedroom of two high school seniors!

So, during the month of September, participating in the Mother LOAD class at BPC, I completed:
4 Big Idea Festival layouts;
30+ pages for Learn Something New Every Day;
6 pages in my 'Me in My Moleskine' book;
2 Good Mail Day Envelopes;
1 Card;
5 12 x12 layouts - Chocolate Tasting, Hurricane Irene, The Black Phase, and Meeting Arthur;
1 One Little Word Album Cover and 1 internal journaling page (to be revealed tomorrow);
2 Monthly Goals layouts (to be revealed tomorrow); and
2 5x7 canvases (coming soon to a blog near you!).

I had approached the Mother LOAD class with the idea that I would catch up on a lot of 12x12 layout ideas that have been floating around in my head or on the back burner for quite some time.  Of course, I got side-tracked with LSNED and other projects that were calling for more immediate attention - which seems to be par for the course with me.  Still - not too shabby for one month effort!


scrappyjacky said...

Not too shabby at all...quite an amazing amount accomplished.

Kelly said...

I find it inspiring that you're scrapbooking photos from years and years ago. It reminds me that it's never too late.

Cheryl said...

Way to go, Cheri! That is nothing short of impressive!

Karen said...

Oh my word Cheri what a lot you have achieved over the past few months. I love your reoccurring butterfly theme.

debs14 said...

OK, now I feel really ashamed about my lack of creative work this month (despite all my good intentions!) You have done so much and it's all fab. Now sit down and have a rest!

Sian said...

Imagine! Signed Arthur books. That gave me a smile. And reminded me of a trip to Ikea which involved a life sized Barney the Dinosaur.

You have had a productive month Cheri

humel said...

That's an excellent set of projects achieved - good for you! :)

Melissa said...

Wow, that's a great total of items - so much creativity during LOAD! I didn't complete a layout everyday, but I'm happy with what I did accomplish. I love the variety of items you worked on!

Karen said...

That's quite a list of projects accomplished. I love the two envelopes. I really should think about getting more creative with my mail.