Monday, October 25, 2010

a Trip to Chicago

Mel asked for more details. Unfortunately there isn't much to tell!

I flew into Chicago on Thursday, got a van from the airport to my hotel, checked into my room and ordered room service for dinner. Hung out playing on the computer.

Friday I spent all day in a seminar, then back to the airport and flew back home. No sight-seeing. No tourist stuff. Just a quick out and back business trip. That completely wiped me out.

Spent Saturday and Sunday camped out on the sofa watching television (except for laundry, grocery shopping, and a soccer game). And thank heavens I had scheduled my Let's Eat post ... or it never would have happened! ;)


humel said...

Oh, what fun - The Doctor's been to Chicago (en route to a conference) but I never have, and I'd love to :-) The photos look great, but more details please!! xx

Melissa said...

What a great way to document your day - showing all the little details. Thanks for sharing.

Liberty :) said...

aww hate it when you dont get chance to see places properly :( I am off to ireland this week and hope to see some of the emerald isle rather than just work!

Anonymous said...

Hope next time you get to see more - fun collage though!