Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas Card Layout

Apologies for the terrible quality of this photo, but here is my 2009 holiday card page.  Every year I have saved cards and scrapped them, but it usually runs 3 or 4 pages because I was saving the whole card.  I totally scraplifted this idea from Ali Edwards
and ended up with a single 12x12 page of holiday cards received this year - I love it!

This also qualifies as an asymmetrical layout for my DYL class, which means I finally finished ONE assignment (and we are about to begin week 3 - yikes!).  I'd be concerned that I was already messing up on my intention to participate fully in all my classes this year, but I intend to catch up and rectify this issue at the Winter Getaway crop this weekend.  Can't wait!

P.S. I know the lines are off because I cut the top right picture wrong, and I couldn't cut the bottom right picture to size without losing heads, but I'm embracing the imperfection - I've decided the layout is just fine this way, even if it isn't perfect.


scrappyjacky said...

This is a great idea, looks really good....and I'm sure you're the only one who would notice any imperfection....I didn't.

humel said...

It's more than fine, it's *great* - I didn't notice the bottom right corner till you pointed it out, anyway! I love how you've done the photo mosaic idea to fit the bigger cards in :-)

Sian said...

I love cards with family pics on them..over here we don't seem to do them so much. Excellent plan for holding on to them..I can see myself trying this with birthday cards too

Anonymous said...
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