Thursday, May 29, 2014

More Scrapbooking Shares

Today is my birthday. And at the time this posts, I'll be on my way to the office. For several meetings. Just another work day. Yes, it is going to be pretty low key.  Becca tells me that birthdays really don't matter after you are 21. I wonder if she'll change her mind next year? (She turns 21 this September).  I'm grateful for another birthday. I'm hoping that today will surprise me and turn out to be more than just another day at the office. We'll see...

Several new layouts - I think these all speak for themselves!


Sian said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you fit in some fun along with work today and have a great one

Your pages really show how worthwhile it is to take time to add some in depth journaling

Melissa said...

Wow - great group of pages! Hope you have a fabulous birthday! I think Becca's wrong - birthday's do matter; I booked our trip to hike in the Canadian Rockies for my birthday this year! :>) And we're planning to celebrate Robbie's 50th in New York!