Wednesday, August 26, 2009

just a photo and a few words...

Choose five characteristics to describe myself? Hmmm... thought about short-tempered, cranky, demanding, impatient, and easily distracted (my darker side) but this is supposed to be about the "beautiful" things in my life. Luckily I do have a good side!

This page was fun - but I just couldn't help myself. I did change out two of the papers JS had on this page - the orange in the top photo just screamed for a different photo mat. But it's all good - I'm still caught up with the class (for now). Isn't it funny how you can describe "I love the feel of safety and love wrapped in Jay's arms" with just a photo and the word "feel"? And for anyone whose mind went somewhere else, shame on you!

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Anonymous said...

lol, Cheri you crack me up.

Love your choices for the class layouts. I haven't made the first page for this class yet. I signed up thinking it would motivate me to start on that album I've been scolding myself to make with my mom's ancient black-and-whites, but I'm still dragging my feet. Sigh.