Monday, August 24, 2009

Beautiful Evidence

I am WAY TOO BUSY! Between back-to-school shopping for three teenage girls (that was all day trips on Friday and Sunday, and a quick two hour run on Saturday), and getting Sarah ready to take back to S.U. tomorrow (Jay did the WalMart/Target run with her today. Can you say $450 later? When did OTC meds, shampoo, and tape get so expensive anyway?) I'm already exhausted.

As if that is not enough, I've once again over-extended myself on online classes (some teachers/subjects I just can't bear to pass up). This new class at is one digi page a day for 20 days with the final result being a ready-for-print photobook. In an effort to keep up and complete this one, I'm TRYING very hard not to overthink it - to just fill in the templates exactly as Jessica has outlined for the class. So there is little to no creativity on my part here, but I still think the finished result will be beautiful. Oh, and match the color scheme of my scraproom!

Speaking of scraproom.... no, it isn't done. But I did get this little corner of my new world done, complete with sewing of the cushion cover and pillows!

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Anonymous said...

lol, I'm signed up for Beautiful Evidence, too. But I only signed up yesterday, so I didn't have my photos ready and haven't done my first page. You go, girl, for getting yours done!