Friday, September 16, 2016

Rachel and Becca

Rachel and Becca turned 23 on Tuesday.  We celebrated with a dinner out at the Cheesecake Factory. My last post about them was right after their graduation.  What about since then?

Rachel is still living at home, still looking for a job.  She waitressed a lot of hours at the Piper Tavern at the beginning of the Summer, but then gave up her regular hours at the time of our trip to London.  She fills in occasionally now, but mostly is home binge-watching television or meeting up with her friends.  I'm hoping she finds a job soon.  She really wants something in or around Philadelphia as she wants to move to the city and try on city life.  Fingers crossed!

Becca finished her Internship at Doylestown Hospital Cardiac Rehab.  She is now back at Bucks County Community College, working to get her Nursing degree.  We've agreed to continue supporting her through this next round of education, assuming she does well this semester.  It's kind of make or break on that front.  Becca works as a nanny for twin 21 month old boys on Monday and Tuesday, has class and lab on Wednesday and clinical on Thursday. She uses Friday to study and work on the Kinesiology class she is taking online. It is a full schedule.  And then she does her best to spend as much of the weekend as humanly possible with boyfriend Kyle.  She's also found a very supportive study group which is something new for her, but is already proving helpful. They've managed to teach her long division!  She's the youngest student in her group - most of them are in their 40's and 50's.  I think she has become their pet project.

So, we aren't quite empty-nesters just yet. And we are still settling in to having them home full time.


Karen said...

What beautiful girls they are! Enjoy your time with them. Once they're gone and on their own, it's a whole different world. We certainly are enjoying our "empty nester" years, but I do miss the daily connections we had when they lived at home.

Sandy Rollins said...

My beautiful granddaughters! Love all three so much!

alexa said...

Aren't they beautiful? You are doing a great job helping and supporting them. I can't imagine what it's like having a full nest again, so I am taking my hat off to you :).

Sian said...

They're beautiful!

Today is the day our girl moved into her new termtime home, so we are empty nesters for the first time, for a while at least. Wish us luck lol

Barbara Eads said...

Enjoy this time with them home as they'll be gone before you know it. Time sure does fly!

Carola Bartz said...

They are beautiful girls, Cheri. I keep my fingers crossed for both of them that they can fulfill their dreams. Becca's schedule indeed is very full. You are wonderful parents to be so supportive of the girls.
I'm a fresh empty nester and I don't like it very much. I'm sad, but I know that it will get better eventually.