Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello Monday/2

hello "normal" week.  out of the entire month of July, this is the only one with some sanity built in.  I have a full work week - 4 days from home, 1 day in the office. Sarah is back at S.U. for the week as a program director for their leadership camp. Things just feel more "normal."

hello open windows. finally! we've had the house closed down and a.c. on since June 30th. It is wonderful to feel a breeze and hear the birds again.

hello sad eyes. looks like this roller coaster ride has finally come to an end and we are getting off.  now to deal with the post-traumatic stress.

hello new profile pic. Becca has finally changed her profile pic to one that doesn't include him.  Isn't she just so stinkin' cute???
 She has the world's best smile, even when it's plastered on solely for the purpose of creating a new profile pic!

hello fibromyalgia. you've been rearing your ugly head a little too much for my preferences lately. go away.

hello metaphorical wagon.  yes, it is time to climb back aboard and get my over-sugared eating habits back under control!


Melissa said...

Oh my, open windows sound lovely, but that definitely won't be happening for months here. It's more like Hello, only 95 today!

debs14 said...

Lots of positive 'hellos' here which is good to see. Hope we don't see too many painful ones in the weeks to come!

scrappyjacky said...

I wish we needed an AC!!!!!
At least she can manage a smile now....even if it is's a start.

Alison said...

Have just had a catch-up of your blog Cheri...great news about the job, but not so good about the breakup. Never having been in the situation,I can only imagine how heartbreaking it must be for you to watch...glad you're getting a bit of respite weather wise
Alison xx

Cheryl said...

Becca is beautiful. I hope her lovely smile will come more naturally for her as her heart begins to heal. I also hope you enjoy your normal week and that your fibromyalgia begins to let up. Take care!

MonicaB said...

Great list of Hellos. Becca new photo is beautiful. I'm glad to hear the roller coaster is coming to a stop.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Hope that Becca just feels better and better all the time. I love your current blog header and the thought of "hello open windows" is lovely.

Gail said...

Great list Cheri and nice photo of Becca. Boy wish we could say hello to open windows but at least for yesterday & today the humidity has dropped.