Thursday, March 17, 2011

Picture Inspiration 4/52


In the event of severe weather, I do NOT have to run to the store for toilet paper!

Colorful stacks.  I used to maintain color coordination with all the linens.  Now it's a hodge podge of whatever we have.  Upper shelf = girls linens.  Lower shelf = adult linens.  Sorry kids, but the Pottery Barn towels are ALL MINE!

Stacks in the dish cabinet.  My take on the artistic approach.  I'm thinking... meh.  Better luck next time.  Maybe earlier in the day when there is more ambient light?

More colorful stacks - horizontal, vertical, double.  All good.  Those photo boxes?  Some are filled to capacity with photos.  Sorted photos. Unsorted photos. Very old photos. Photos of more recent vintage.  Although probably nothing since we went digital in 2002.  Some of the boxes are (shhhhhh) empty.  I keep them there for looks!

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Photographing Mom said...


I have a stack of four prompts that I want to do... ;)