Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Cards Going Postal! (edited to acknowledge source)

Where oh where has 2009 gone?  I can't believe it is December 9th already!  As you know from my last post I entered this month feeling overwhelmed and terribly behind.  Other than my totally neglected blog and my inability to keep up with my December Journal, I do feel that I am finally making some progress on tackling the holiday "to do" list.

I managed to choose a photo and started designing a Christmas card in Photoshop Elements.  However, on my first attempt at printing on cardstock, I realized that it was literally going to take forever to "get it right" enough to print actual cards and that I would spend more in paper and printer ink than I would spend on purchased cards.  So I lifted an idea I saw on another blog (and my apologies to whomever I scraplifted this from as I honestly can't remember where I saw it!   It took a half hour of paging through my google reader one site at a time, but I found it - I lifted this idea from Sharyn Carlson - check out her card here!) and went hybrid. I purchased two different sets of cards at Target.  Printed and added my doctored photo.  And here are the final versions of this year's Christmas cards:

Keep in mind that I scanned at low res and the scan pretty much sucks.  The first one is printed on kraft colored recycled paper (the black border is the scanner - not part of the card) and the photo covers the front "Happy Holidays" sentiment.  See that white part between the two red borders?  On the real photo that actually looks like vellum and you can see the detail behind it, so it is very clear (to anyone who recognizes it) that the photo was taken at NYC Times Square.  Cool.  And serendipitous given that this is the only decent photo of all three girls together for the entire year.  They are at the age where they hate having their photo taken. Period.  Unless they do it themselves.  With friends.  Which means they are never together.

The second card was actually designed to add the photo above the "Happy Holidays" sign.  Only the snowman part opens, so barely enough room to sign - no room to write personalized messages.  The cards are now completely assembled and signed and envelopes are hand-addressed.  I still need to add return address labels, stamps, and seal.  With any luck the bulk of these will hit the mail tomorrow.

I also managed to get 5 packages out in the mail today (gifts to out-of-town recipients) and got the last one prepared and ready to go for tomorrow.  I'm feeling a little lighter just knowing that is done.  With any luck I'll be back tomorrow with an update on my December Journal.  How is your holiday season progressing?  Do you feel under control? or overwhelmed?


Jan C. said...

Wow, those turned out awesome. I'm envious that you have your cards all finished. That is one of the things I have not yet been able to bring myself to tackle.

Sian said...

That's a very clever idea! I hope you get some journal pages posted because I'd love to see.

sharyncarlson said...

They look so great! I love both of your designs! Thanks for the mention and I'm so glad it saved you time and frustration :)