Thursday, December 4, 2008

4 Days of Photos

Day One: A New Tradition In the Making? Here is the cover page for my December Journal along with a shot of the album itself. And this photo will be used along with the journaling about WHY I am doing a December Journal.

Day Two: The Joys of Online Shopping. I had 90% of my Christmas shopping done BEFORE Thanksgiving and I never left home! I also took advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, again without leaving home, driving all over, wasting gas, polluting the ozone, standing in lines, dealing with cranky clerks.... need I say more? This is two days worth of deliveries!

Day Three: sorry can't tell you the caption to this one! I'm offering a scrapbooking goody in the mail to the first person who can tell me exactly what this is a photo of! And you have to be very specific - what it is and where it is located. Isn't it pretty???

Another Day Three Photo: Office Party. Loved the table decorations.

Day Four: PERFECTION. This photo was taken on 11/29. We were celebrating Jay's 50th birthday early so Sarah could participate before returning to college. I had given Jay a photobook as one of his gifts. At this moment the girls were looking through the book with their Dad, laughing and reminiscing. It was one of those rare family moments that mothers around the world live and breathe for. It was... PERFECT.


Anonymous said...

Nice! I love the photo of the boxes, I might have to scraplift that idea for mine.

The pink thing is driving me crazy. It looks like something frost or ice-related, but I can't get past the pink.... come on, a hint??!!

Lisa F said...

Hi Cheri,
I just said that too. I thought it looked like the frost on the windshield in the morning waiting for the car to warm up! :)
It is beautiful though! Great shot. Happy Holidays! Lisa

Cheri said...

It IS frost. You both have that part right. It's not a windshield and it is not pink. The white of the frost may make it look kind of pink, but the background behind the frost is actually red. Playing with the macro lens is fun!