Sunday, October 12, 2008

Enabler Alert!!!

Check this out - a FREE online class at I've been admiring her site for awhile now and had in the back of my mind to take the "Up and Running with PhotoShop" course but wanted to wait until after the 3Day Walk (I just don't have time for anything until that is behind me) - then Jessica goes and announces this FREE class! If you read the write-up for it on her blog or website, it sounds really cool, and hey, who can argue with FREE??? Registration opens 10/20 and I'll be signing up. Care to join me?

Other than posting this quick alert, I've been off the Internet because Sarah is home for her October break. I've been enjoying spending some time with her and catching up on her life at college. She needed some "professional" clothes for presentations for her business classes, so we went out shopping today - managed to find a black blazer and pants and two button front long sleeve shirts for $70 total! (Kohls and Dress Barn). Score!

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